Meter test


  1. Download and install the current release or beta version of the cFos Charging Manager.
  2. Make sure that your inverter or meter can be reached in the home network and that you know the IP address and port. For Modbus TCP you still need the slave ID.
  3. Open the website of the cFos Charging Manager in the browser by entering e.g. localhost: 4712. Then open the "System Configuration" page and activate Meter Test there. Enter, for example, SunSpec or SMA Inverter as the device type. As an address and ID that you can use to access your inverter or meter. Some devices require additional parameters that you should also set if necessary.

We would be very interested in what output the cFos Charging Manager delivers.

By the way: Many additional devices, such as solar energy managers or storage units also work with the SunSpec, so they may also run with the cFos Charging Manager. You are also welcome to send us the output from such devices.

Instead of "SunSpec Solar Inverter" you can also try the following device types, for example:

  • E3/DC Solar Device (Simple Mode)
  • SMA inverter
  • SMA home manager
  • Solar Log
  • Powerfox
  • Shelly 3EM
  • Sonnen... (various)

Then you can see if the cFos Charging Manager is compatible with your inverter.

Thank you for trying!
You are helping us and other owners of solar systems and energy storage devices.

Successfully tested inverters / meters

Note: The wallboxes and meters were tested with the software version of the respective manufacturer specified in the tables. We do not guarantee that the manufacturer will change the functionality through a software update or model update in such a way that interoperability with the cFos Charging Manager or cFos Power Brain is no longer given. You can ask the respective manufacturer whether the functionality still corresponds to the status specified in our table.

Alternatively, you can download the free test version of the cFos Charging Manager for Windows or Raspberry Pi and test for yourself whether the respective device is compatible.


You can integrate this with the latest version of the cFos Charging Manager as a generator meter without an extra intermediate meter.

Note: If it is not possible to read your solar system, you can still have an electrician install an external intermediate meter that either measures the generation of the solar system ("generation" role) or a bidirectional intermediate meter at the transfer point of the energy supplier with which you then measure purchased electricity or feed-in (role "imported electricity"). You are also welcome to contact us and we can then try to integrate your solar system together. We've already built in support for quite a few devices with the help of our users, #thebestuserintheworld:-)

Here are instructions on how to integrate various devices into the cFos Charging Manager.