Environmentally conscious charging

Even without your own solar system and the associated solar surplus charging, you have the option of charging your electric car in an environmentally conscious way with our wallbox and the integrated cFos Charging Manager.

The charging processes of your electric car can be optimised for lower CO2 emissions using the Eco Charging function in the cFos Charging Manager.

When grid utilisation is high, energy suppliers obtain electricity from non-renewable sources despite green electricity tariffs, as wind and solar energy are often not sufficiently available. Since the grid utilisation is lower at night, the energy supplier then in turn has the opportunity to generate electricity with low CO2 emissions.

So in order to charge in the most environmentally conscious and grid-friendly way possible, the Eco Charging function offers delayed charging, where you set how long you want to charge during the next charging process and how much time you have available. This is used to automatically calculate the start time at which the charging process generates minimum CO2 emissions.

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