Clever charging functions

The cFos Charging Manager has the following extremely useful charging functions:

Wake up car

Some cars "fall asleep" when charging is stopped/paused and do not wake up again until the charging plug is pulled. The Charging Manager detects this and tries to wake up the car again. This requires a suitable EVSE (currently only cFos Power Brain Wallbox).

Let the car sleep

Some cars try to recharge immediately after the battery level has fallen just below the charging maximum. Due to the constant short recharging, the car never falls asleep and the next morning the 12V battery is empty. The cFos Charging Manager can detect this and then blocks charging for a longer period of time so that the car can "fall asleep".

Save battery

Some cars always charge the battery to 100%, even if this leads to higher wear. The cFos Charging Manager can detect when the charging current drops below a certain threshold, namely when the battery is almost full, and then stop charging. You can set the optimal value for your car here.

If you have suitable thresholds for certain vehicle models, please feel free to let us know. Then we will publish them here for others.

You can set these options in the configuration of the EVSE in the Charging Manager.