Supported wallboxes, intermediate meters, inverters, battery storage, OCPP backends, other devices

Note: The devices and remote stations listed here have been tested with the software version of the respective manufacturer specified in the tables in simple charging processes and simple basic functions. We do not guarantee that the manufacturer will change the functionality through a software update or model update in such a way that the interoperability with the cFos Charging Manager or cFos Power Brain is no longer given. You can ask the respective manufacturer whether the functionality still corresponds to the status indicated in our table.

You must check whether the cFos Charging Manager is compatible with the remote stations by testing your specific use case. To do this, you can download the free test version of the cFos Charging Manager for Windows or Raspberry Pi and test for yourself whether the respective device or the OCPP backend is compatible.

Supported EVSEs

EVSESoftware status
cFos Power Brain Controller12/2021
All EVSEs with sufficiently supported OCPP 1.5 and OCPP 1.6 (SOAP and JSON)
We have tested the cFos Charging Manager for compatibility during the OCPP Plugfest and via various backends. If you want to make sure that your OCPP device works with the cFos Charging Manager, please contact us for a free remote test.
cFos Power Brain Wallbox (OCPP 1.6)12/2021
ABB Terra AC 22 (OCPP 1.6)12/2021
ABB Terra DC (OCPP 1.6)09/2023
ABL eMH2 (OCPP 1.6)12/2021
ABL eMH3 (OCPP 1.6) ohne Eichrecht (mit Eichrecht kommen die Zählerwerte zu selten, evtl. mit neuer ABL firmware behoben)07/2022
ABL eM4 (OCPP 1.6)09/2023
Alfen Eve Single Pro-Line / Double Pro-Line (OCPP 1.6)08/2023
Alpitronic Hypercharger (OCPP 1.6) Software version as of 1.7.3 required02/2023
Autel MaxiCharger AC Wallbox (OCPP 1.6) Software version from 1.7.3 required02/2023
Bender Controller (OCPP 1.6) various wallbox manufacturers, see below12/2023
BERGER DM30 (DC Schnellladegerät)02/2022
BERGER AX3204/2022
Charge Amps Halo (OCPP 1.6)08/2023
CTEK Chargestorm Connected 2 (OCPP 1.6)08/2023
DELTA Ladestationen AC & DC (OCPP 1.6)11/2022
ecotap DC60 (OCPP 1.6)06/2023
Elexon sxHPC80 (OCPP 1.6)11/2023
EN Plus Wallboxen mit OCPP 1.6 JSON (z.B. Autoaid, Entratek, AMS Energy, etc.)
As of firmware 1.3.234.
EVBox Elvi (OCPP 1.6)07/2022
Entratek Power Dot Pro (OCPP 1.6)12/2021
Hager Witty Share(OCPP 1.6)08/2023
Compleo / Innogy eBox professional S (OCPP 1.6)12/2021
Garo GLB+ (OCPP 1.6)02/2023
GSAB 2S1300DC60Triple DC Charger (OCPP 1.6)03/2023
Keba KeContact P30 x-series (OCPP 1.6)12/2021
Kempower C800 series (OCPP 1.6)11/2023
Lade.ZEIT AC Charger (OCPP 1.6)08/2023
Mennekes Amtron Professional+ 22kW (OCPP 1.6)12/2021
Phihong / ZEROVA DC EV Chargers (OCPP 1.6)02/2023
Pion Highrock (Bender CC613 controller) (OCPP 1.6)06/2023
Schneider EVlink G4 Smart und Parkplatz 2, Pro AC (OCPP 1.6)05/2022
StarCharge Athena 60, Saturn 22 (OCPP 1.6)01/2024
Technagon (OCPP 1.6)12/2022
Technivolt 1100 Smart (OCPP 1.6)12/2022
Vestel EVC04 / Webasto Unite (OCPP 1.6), Vestel firmware v3.131.0+ required11/2023
Wallbe Pro (Compleo) (OCPP 1.6)12/2022
Wallbox Copper SB, Commander 2 (OCPP 1.6) ab Wallbox Firmware 5.17.7301/2024
Webasto Live (OCPP 1.6)01/2022
weeyu AC EV Charger (OCPP 1.6)02/2023
Modbus, HTTP, etc.
ABL eMH1 (Modbus ASCII)12/2021
Alfen Eve Single/Double (Modbus)07/2022
Alphatec AW1eM (Modbus)08/2022
Bender Controller, Modbus TCPvarious wallbox manufacturers, see below12/2023
Chargepoint Cloud Wallboxen, die dort eingebunden sind, z.B. die CP4320 (proprietär). Lange Reaktionszeit beachten.03/2023
Circontrol eHome (Modbus)03/2023
Compleo Solo advanced (Modbus)03/2022
DELTA Ladestationen AC & DC (Modbus)11/2022
easee Home / One / Charge (Cloud HTTP)04/2022
elexon A1 (Modus, AIX ACCT)07/2022
go-e HOME+ Mobile, go-eCharger HOMEfix and SMARTFOX Car Charger (HTTP)12/2021
hesotec eSat eBox (Modbus). Attention: The box cannot provide sufficient OCPP (as of 03/2023).10/2022
Heidelberg / Amperfied Energy Control, connect.home,, and Walther-Werke BASICEVO PRO (Modbus)01/2023
Compleo / Innogy eBox professional S (Modbus)12/2021
Juice Charger me (Modbus, wie Mennekes Amtron Professional) (Modbus)12/2021
Keba KeContact P30 c-series and x-series, BMW Wallbox Plus/Connect via Keba UDP, Keba P30 Green Edition via Modbus TCP (UDP)06/2023
Mennekes Amtron Professional+ 22kW (Modbus)12/2021
Gautzsch Netz Do (Modbus)03/2022
OBO Bettermann Ion05/2023
Schneider EVlink G4 Smart und Parkplatz 2 & 3, Pro AC (Modbus)05/2022
SMA EV Charger (HTTP). Wichtiger Hinweis!02/2023
Technagon Modbus12/2022
Tesla Wall Connector Gen 2 (only max. 1 on one RS485 port, unfortunately produces many communication errors), not Gen 306/2023
Tinkerforge Warp 202/2023
Wallbe Eco 2.0/2.0s, Pro, Pro plus (Modbus)12/2022
Vestel EVC04 (Modbus)05/2022
Webasto Next (Modbus TCP)02/2024
weeyu AC EV Charger (Modbus)02/2023
Weidmüller EV Smart models (Modbus)04/2023

Bender Controller

The following wallbox models have a Bender controller on board and should work with the cFos Charging Manager. We would be pleased to receive feedback on how it works with these devices.

Ebee wallbox / Optec
Ensto Chago Wallbox
Garo GLB, GLB+, LS4 und LS4 compact
Juice Charger Me
Mennekes Amtron ChargeControl, Amedio Professional
OCPP 1.6j, Modbus: Some models Bender, others Vestel
Ubitricity (Bender controller)
Walther-Werke smartEVO Duo+
Webasto live

Supported inverters

InverterSoftware status
Inverters can be integrated as generation meters. Many inverters support SunSpec, i.e. you can use SunSpec Solar Inverter / Meter as the meter type. This also applies to the grid reference meters / smart meters installed in solar systems. Here is a selection of devices tested by our customers. Similar devices will probably also work. Please notify us of successfully tested devices, which we will then add to the list here.
E3/DC GmbH, S10 E AIO Blackline (SunSpec Model 103)12/2021
E3/DC GmbH, S10 X Compact (Modbus)09/2023
Fronius, Smart Meter 63A, 2.9 (SunSpec Model 213)02/2022
Fronius, Smart Meter TS 63A (SunSpec Model 213)12/2021
Fronius, Smart Meter TS 65A-3, 1.3 (SunSpec Model 213)12/2021
Fronius, Symo 12.5-3-M, (SunSpec Model 113)12/2021
Fronius, Symo 8.2-3-M (SunSpec Model 113)12/2021
Fronius, Symo 15.0-3-M (Sunspec Model 113)12/2021
Fronius, Symo GEN24 8.0 (Sunspec Model 103+BAT)06/2023
Fronius, Primo 5.0-1 (Sunspec Model 111)12/2021
KOSTAL, Piko 1005/2023
KOSTAL, PLENTICORE plus4.2, 01.15.04581 (SunSpec Model 103)12/2021
KOSTAL, PLENTICORE plus7.0, 01.09.03412 (SunSpec Model 103)12/2021
KOSTAL, PLENTICORE plus8.5, 01.17.05075 (SunSpec Model 103)12/2021
KOSTAL, PLENTICORE plus10, 01.14.04213 (SunSpec Model 103)12/2021
KOSTAL, KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter, 1.1.2 (SunSpec Model 203)12/2021
KOSTAL, KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter, 1.3.0 (SunSpec Model 203)12/2021
KOSTAL, Powermeter05/2023
KACO new energy, blueplanet 5.0 TL3, V5.53, 1.0 (SunSpec Model 103)12/2021
KACO new energy, blueplanet 10.0 TL3 INT, V5.53 (SunSpec Model 103)12/2021
SolarEdge SE5000, 0003.2468 (SunSpec Model 101)12/2021
SolarEdge SE7K, 0003.2251 (SunSpec Model 103)12/2021
SolarEdge SE9K-RW0TEBNN4, 0004.0011.0030 (SunSpec Model 103)12/2021
SolarEdge SE16K-RW000BNN4, 0004.0014.0107 (SunSpec Model 103)03/2022
SolarEdge Netzbezugszähler (SunSpec Model 203) Liefert teilweise falsche Werte, lieber anderen bidirektionen Zähler benutzen.06/20232
Sungrow Hybrid Inverter ARM_SAPPHIRE-H_V (SunSpec Model 101)07/2022
SMA: SMA Sunny Tripower (STPxx000-tl) devices have an SMA-specific Modbus register assignment. Some also support SunSpec (see above). Here are devices successfully tested by our customers:
SMA Sunny Tripower 4.012/2021
SMA Sunny Tripower 10.012/2021
SMA Sunny Tripower 9000tl-2012/2021
SMA Sunny Tripower 15000tl-3012/2021
SMA Sunny Tripower 20000tl-3012/2021
SMA Tripower 8.0 STP8-3AV-4012/2021
SMA Sunny Boy12/2021
Sunny Home Manager 2.0 (as grid reference meter)12/2021
Sunny Island 4.412/2021
Other devices (see also the meter definition created by our customers #diebestenuserderwelt):
Huawei Sun2000 Inverter01/2022
SENEC (via HTTP)06/2023
Sonnen Zähler (Batteriespeicher, Erzeugung und Verbrauch)12/2021
Sungrow (Wechelrichter, Batteriespeicher)05/2023
Victron (diverse)09/2023
Varta Element S405/2023

Controllable battery storage (experimental)

The cFos Charging Manager can read out the current power and SoC of various battery storage systems. Some models can also be actively controlled using battery charging rules. We are currently testing the following systems:

Fronius Hybrid-Wechselrichter04/2023
Huawei Sun200004/2023
Kostal Plenticore Hybrid04/2023
Sungrow Hybrid04/2023
Victron Batteriespeicher04/2023

Supported OCPP 1.6 backends

Configuration guide
OLI Move06/2023
Parkstrom / Elektra05/2023
Spectra Moon08/2022
Your backend not listed? Contact us.

Supported intermediate meters

Intermediate meterSoftware status
ABB B23 112-100- Supplier: Stark Elektronik12/2021
ABB B24 112-100- Supplier: Stark Elektronik12/2021
Bauer BSM07/2022
Eastron SDM630, SDM630MCT, SDM72DM-V212/2021
Eastron SDM72D-M V112/2021
Elgris Smart Meter07/2022
HomeWizard P1 Meter12/2023
Janitza UMG 96 RM (und ähnliche UMG xxx)08/2023
KLEFR 693-4x06/2023
Lovato DMEDxxx>06/2023
Orno OR-WE-51612/2021
Orno OR-WE-51712/2021
Phoenix Contact EMpro (HTTP)05/2023
Pilot SPM951312/2021
Shelly 3EM12/2021
Siemens Pac220004/2022
Various SML meters: Hager EHZ363WA, EasyMeter Q3A / Q3C05/2022
SML Optical read heads04/2022
Socomec COUNTIS E2804/2022
Tibber Pulse (via SML HTTP meter)12/2023
Wago 879 30xx10/2023
YTL DTS 353 und DEM4A05/2023
ZZ4 D51302012/2021

Further counter definitions

Counter definitions for downloadSoftware status
Carlo Gavazzi EM300/ET300 (experimental)
Counter definitions for Deye LP1 and LP3 (for LP3 we are still looking for a tester, please get in touch) Many thanks to Stefan E.
Example meter definition for FHEM ( Many thanks to Heiko P.
Counter definition for Eastron SDM72DM V1.1/1.5. Many thanks to Bert C.
Counter definition for Eastron SDM72DM V1.1/1.5. active power=Power L1+L2+L3
Counter definition FoxESS H3. Many thanks to Marco T.
Goodwe Hybrid counter definitions
02/2024, experimental
Meter definition Gossen Metrawatt EM288x. Many thanks to energielenker.
Counter definition Hager ECA/ECR Modbus (experimental)
Meter definitions for Huawei Sun2000. Many thanks to Rainer Z. Unfortunately, the Sun2000 devices have many reading errors!
Meter definition IAMMETER Energy Meter Modbus. Many thanks to Jarkko H.
Counter definition IME CE4DF3DTxxx Counter. Many thanks to Dhidet
Counter definition IME CE4DF3DTxxx counter. Many thanks to Detlef K.
Meter definition KDK PRO380-Modbus. Many thanks to Andreas S.
Meter definition k'electric KE 80P. Many thanks to Andreas S.
Meter definitions for Kostal Piko 8.5 and Kostal BA Sensor Module (ZIP)
Many thanks to Marc-Oliver O.!
Counter definition for Kostal Piko 10.
Many thanks to Michael S. and Manuel G.
Meter definition for Pilot SPM951312/2021
Meter definition Schneider IEM3255. Many thanks to Andreas S.
Meter definition for Senertec Dachs CHP. Many thanks to Stefan M.
Counter definition for Shelly 1PM. Many thanks to Marco G.
Meter definition for Siemens Pac220004/2022
Meter definition for SmartPI05/2022
Meter definition for Socomec COUNTIS E2804/2022
Meter definition for Sofarsolar Hybrid G3. Many thanks to Hymes Energy12/2023
Counter definition for IGEN Tech Solarman Logger08/2023
Meter definition for electricity prices. many thanks to Jarkko H.08/2023
Counter definition for Tasmota (example for Logarex LK13BE04/2022
Counter definition for Varta Element S4 storage. Many thanks to Elektro Klaußner02/2023
Definition for Varta Element S4 mains reference meter. Many thanks to Elektro Klaußner02/2023
Counter definition for Wago 879-30 3000 4PU, 3020 4 PS, 3040 2PU CT, etc. Many thanks to Bert C.04/2022
Meter definition for Voltoplus surplus controller. Many thanks to Wilfried S.01/2024

Which counter can do what?

CounterBidirectionalSingle phases
ABB B23 / B24
SDM630, SDM630 MCT, SDM72DM-V2
Lovato DME D330 Wandlerzähler
Shelly 3EM / Shelly Pro 3 EM
cFos YTL DTS353 (ungeeicht)
cFos YTL DTS353F-2 (MID, geeicht)
ORNO WE 516/517
ZZ4 D513020

Thank you for testing EVSEs and meters to:

Adrian A. | Alexander B. | Andreas M. | Axel S. | Benedict S. | Berger Stromversorungen | Chris B. | Detlef K. | energielenker | Frank M. | Get It Done | Guido S. | Hendrik J. | Horst A. | Jan H. | Jonas D. | Klaus S. | Manuel G. | Marco L. | Marco T. | Markus K. | Martin S. | Matthias S. | Max H. | MaXx | Michael S. | MMS Communication | Simon K. | Thomas B. |

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