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Foto cFos Power Brain Wallbox 11kW

cFos Power Brain Wallbox

Top equipment for charging electric cars

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Foto cFos Wallbox Booster

cFos Wallbox Booster

Charge controller for other wallbox manufacturers

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Shot cFos Charging Manager
Version 0.0

cFos Charging Manager

Load management for multiple wallboxes

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Foto cFos Power Brain

cFos Power Brain Controller

Charge controller for other wallbox manufacturers

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What our customers say about us


Andreas B.

I would like to formally thank you and also the company cFos for such customer-friendly action and the smooth replacement of the meters.


Axel L.

The possibility to display graphics and thus visualise the energy flows is great! Thank you for this new possibility!


Markus K.

Thanks again for the great service. I am thrilled.


Harald K.

I am very pleased with the new version 1.16.0 of the firmware. PRAISE!



It's really great how you expand the functions and respond to customer feedback... I know that in the end you can't please everyone... But (no matter how the "PV charging logic" turns out in the end) that's the reason why the second wallbox (for the parking space in front of the house) will also be a cfos and I recommend the wallbox to anyone who asks (or doesn't ask 😉).