The booster for your wallbox

cFos Wallbox Booster

PV surplus charging, integrating a wallbox into an OCPP backend, tariff-based charging? - We can! And soon you will too: The cFos Wallbox Booster turns your wallbox into an intelligent component of your energy management.

What is the cFos Wallbox Booster?

The cFos Wallbox Booster developed by us is not only an intelligent control unit for your wallbox, but can also act as a powerful component of your energy management system. You can use the cFos Wallbox Booster to control all the wallboxes we support from a wide range of manufacturers and benefit from the capabilities of the cFos Charging Manager. With the cFos Wallbox Booster, you can also connect your wallbox to an external OCPP backend.

With the cFos Wallbox Booster, you can control a variety of meters, inverters and battery storage devices and use these devices for your energy management.

Here is the list of supported devices

What the cFos Wallbox Booster does

The cFos Wallbox Booster adds the following functions and features to your product:

PV surplus charging (solar surplus charging):
Unused solar power is continuously charged and used to charge the e-car.
They enable your wallbox to communicate with OCPP 1.6 j/s including Security Profiles 1-3.
Dynamic load management:
With the cFos Wallbox Booster, your wallbox can implement dynamic load management in a charging infrastructure.
You can obtain and integrate additional charging points for your infrastructure at any time.
Integration of external meters:
Record large local consumers separately. A variety of meter definitions are supplied for this purpose.
Price-controlled charging:
Charge when the electricity is cheap - the cFos Wallbox Booster supports the dynamic tariffs from aWATTar and Tibber.
UI + App:
The supplied UI enables convenient user management for multi-user applications. It is also available as an app for Android and iPhone.
Consumption graphs:
The supplied UI provides extensive consumption graphs.
Loading rules:
Numerous charging rules allow the charging process to be individually adapted.
Output charging processes:
Charging processes can be listed and output in detail via the supplied UI.
Clever charging functions:
The cFos Wallbox Booster, for example, offers setting options for battery conservation.
The cFos Wallbox Booster includes an HTTP API, Modbus TCP/RTU and for IoT applications an MQTT API.
The board offers a USB slot, adaptable for LAN and other interfaces, among others. You can also connect up to eight optical reading heads.
Place your logo and product name (for OEM partners).
Optionally available with RFID reader.

We are looking for distribution partners

Are you a wallbox manufacturer, inverter or energy storage manufacturer, solar installer or smart home service provider with an interest in the energy management of the future? We are looking for distribution partners who sell the cFos Wallbox Booster and help shape the future of electromobility.. Hierzu bieten wir Ihnen attraktive Konditionen.

We are constantly working to improve and expand our products.
As a sales partner, you will receive regular insights into our product development and have the opportunity to directly place feedback from your customer contacts. In this way, you can actively help to improve the cFos Wallbox Booster for the benefit of our customers.

We rely on close cooperation and: We offer our partners expert advice and support so that you can prepare optimally for the sale of the cFos Wallbox Booster.

If you are interested in working with us and would like to help shape the future of electromobility, we look forward to hearing from you.
You are welcome to use our contact form for this purpose. Become part of our partner network and help us shape mobility for tomorrow.

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