About cFos eMobility

Who we are

cFos Software GmbH and its predecessors have been developing and selling network software since 1993, which has since been used by millions worldwide (eg cFosSpeed). As a spin-off, we founded cFos eMobility GmbH in 2020 and contribute our experience in the field of professional software development.

What is important to us

We believe that electromobility is a building block in combating climate change and would like to facilitate and accelerate its spread. That's why we build wall boxes for charging electric cars. We also offer load management software for charging an almost unlimited number of electric cars at the same time.

It is important to us:

  • Wall boxes must be affordable and easily integrated into existing infrastructure.
  • Load management must also be cost-effective and must not include any subscription fees, otherwise electric cars are disadvantaged compared to combustion engines when it comes to renting parking spaces.
  • We want to support the energy transition.
    Therefore, the use of photovoltaics and other regenerative energies is particularly important to us. Our products support grid-friendly control, ie preferential charging when there is excess energy and delayed or throttled charging when there is a lack of energy in the power grid.

We regularly adapt our products to current changes in the market. There are lifetime free updates with new functions and bug fixes for the software in our wall boxes and our load management.

We have #thebestusersintheworld. Our customers give us important feedback and help us with suggestions, tests and the integration of new devices. We are very grateful for this!
To keep in touch with our customers we have the cFos Network.

Who we work with

Since we cannot achieve our ambitious goals alone, we are interested in partnerships with other companies.
Our products are in-house developments and currently cover the following areas:

  • Wall boxes for private and commercial purposes
  • Load management for optimal use of the available power for charging several electric cars at the same time
  • OCPP gateway (to connect non-OCPP-compliant wallboxes) and OCPP backend
  • App with cloud support for Android and iPhone
  • Own charging controller: The cFos Power Brain Controller
  • Solar excess charging
  • Communication via Smart Meter Gateway, integration with energy suppliers and grid operators, grid-friendly control
  • Calibration law-compliant transmission of meter readings