cFos Charging Manager free trial version

You can use the cFos Charging Manager for an unlimited time to read meters (freeware). That means you can use the cFos Charging Manager, including HTTP API, as free software to visualise meters.

In the 90-day test period, currently until January 1, 1900, you can configure a maximum of 5 wallboxes and control them remotely. So you can try out whether the cFos Charging Manager works well with a certain type of wallbox. We look forward to your feedback on which wallboxes and meters you have successfully tested with!

If you want to operate EVSEs or meters using Modbus RTU, you need an RS 485 adapter, e.g. this USB RS485 Converter.

This will show up as a COM port on Windows and Raspberry. You must then specify the correct COM port number in the "Address" field of the cFos Charging Manager, e.g. COM3.

For Windows and Raspberry, the cFos Charging Manager is installed for the HTTP and HTTPS ports 4712 and 4713. You can change this later if required.

Download cFos Charging Manager for Windows 10, x86
Version 0.0


Installation by starting the MSI file. Launching the web interface by opening the browser and entering http://localhost:4712 or https://localhost:4713.

Download and install on Raspberry Pi

In the console, change to your home directory and type: curl -sL | bash -

This will enter the cFos Charging Manager into cron and start it. Stop and unsubscribe from cron using

Start the web interface by opening the browser and entering http://<ipaddr>:4712 or https://<ipaddr>:4713. <ipaddr> is the IP address of your Raspberry Pi on your local network.