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You will find us at Power2Drive from 19.6. to 21.6.2024

Our wallboxes will be on display at the EMH stand (stand B6.450I) and Lovato stand (stand B6.530) as a demo with a signing meter. Wallbox manufacturers can easily build wallboxes that comply with calibration law using our cFos Power Brain controller.

The cFos Power Brain Wallboxes

The cFos Power Brain wallboxes have the most comprehensive software equipment on the market. Already included:

BulletSimple commissioning

Connection by electrician -> Download
Configuration via WLAN access point and web browser.
To the list of our installation partners

BulletDynamic load management already integrated

Operate the charging station with other wallboxes (also from other manufacturers) and
make optimum use of the available house connection power.

BulletIntegrated PV surplus charging (solar surplus charging)

Charge your car with the electricity from your solar system instead of feeding it in, e.g. controlled so that no electricity from the grid is required. Possible with all our wallbox models. The "Solar" models also switch between single-phase and three-phase charging.

BulletPhase switching between single-phase and three-phase charging

Phase switching possible with the "cFos Power Brain Solar" models.
Now also with automatic phase switching!

BulletConnect multiple wallboxes using WLAN Mesh

Simple networking and high reliability.

BulletIntegration of existing solar systems

All our wallbox models can directly read the inverter, battery storage and smart meter of the existing solar system.

BulletClever charging functions

The cFos Charging Manager has
useful charging functions such as "Wake up car", "Let car sleep" and "Save battery".

BulletOptimised for the coming variable electricity tariffs

Environmentally conscious charging
Cost-conscious charging
Smart meter gateway
Active power control §14a EnWG

All models eligible for subsidies under KfW 442 (solar power for electric cars)

Our cFos Power Brain Wallbox with charging cable is available with 11 kW and 22 kW charging power.

cFos Power Brain Solar with additional contactor for phase switching.

Especially for solar surplus charging. Switchable from three-phase charging to single-phase charging so that you can utilise your solar surplus when solar radiation is low.

New: cFos Power Brain Plug-In with charging socket

Perfect for anyone who prefers a socket solution instead of a permanently installed charging cable. We offer the cFos Power Brain Plug-In in the proven 11 kW and 22 kW versions, each also available as a solar version.

What our customers say about us


Michael B.

The ease of configuration and the list of compatible products have been very well received by us.


Axel L.

The possibility to display graphics and thus visualise the energy flows is great! Thank you for this new possibility!


Markus K.

Thanks again for the great service. I am thrilled.


Harald K.

I am very pleased with the new version 1.16.0 of the firmware. PRAISE!



It's really great how you expand the functions and respond to customer feedback... I know that in the end you can't please everyone... But (no matter how the "PV charging logic" turns out in the end) that's the reason why the second wallbox (for the parking space in front of the house) will also be a cfos and I recommend the wallbox to anyone who asks (or doesn't ask 😉).


Andreas B.

I would like to formally thank you and also the company cFos for such customer-friendly action and the smooth replacement of the meters.


  • Wallbox (three-phase, single-phase charging also possible), max. charging current per phase 16A or 32A, 5m or 7m charging cable (black) with type 2 plug, integrated DC sensor, RFID reader, power consumption standby < 2W, housing suitable for outdoor use
  • MID certified (calibrated) Modbus meter
  • Modbus RTU and TCP
  • OCPP 1.6 (JSON), parallel operation of Modbus and OCPP also possible
  • WLAN Access Point / Hotspot / WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
  • RFID reader
  • HTTP API, MQTT, S0 interface
  • Connection of almost any external Modbus counter
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Eligible for funding from KfW
  • Free lifetime software updates (via WLAN)
  • Made in Germany
  • Housing made from 100% recycled plastic
  • For private customers: 30-day money-back guarantee: so that you have enough time to have the wallbox connected by your electrician and to test it extensively

Review of the cFos Power Brain Wallbox in heise+ (paywall)