cFos Power Brain Wallbox - Technical Information

Unique load management through integrated cFos Charging Manager

With our load management, you can read consumption meters and regulate the charging power in real time depending on the house consumption.
In plain language, this means that while you are taking a shower or the heat pump is running, the charging power is temporarily reduced and adapted to the total capacity of the house. With our intuitive load management, you create and define fixed charging rules, tailored to your needs. Eight hours of charging instead of three is enough? Tell your EVSE!

Special functions include solar charging, electricity price-controlled charging, battery conservation and other clever charging options.

Control via OCPP

This feature is particularly interesting for medium-sized and larger charging systems, such as in underground garages, homeowners' associations, company fleets and many more. The OCPP capability of our EVSE allows you to authorise charging processes and create individual invoices with the corresponding software. Thanks to the open OCPP interface, you are not dependent on us and have investment security when implementing medium and large systems.

Compatibility with a wide range of EVSEs

We attach great importance to the fact that our technology is compatible with EVSEs from other manufacturers. This means you remain flexible and can even upgrade and expand your current charging system with our EVSE. The list of compatible devices is constantly being expanded and updated. Thanks to the cFos Charging Manager, you can define our EVSE as a master unit and thus control all boxes connected after it as slave units.

PV Surplus Charging (Solar Surplus Charging)

Thanks to the inverter connection, you can easily and conveniently use the electricity generated by your photovoltaic system and define via cFos Charging Manager when and how the solar energy is to be used for charging.

Regular updates

Our aim is to constantly expand the technical possibilities of the cFos Power Brain Wallbox. We regularly provide information on our website and in the shop about innovations that further improve our wallbox.


The EVSE may only be permanently connected for stationary operation by a qualified specialist. It is not allowed to connect the EVSE without a low-resistance protective conductor connection (PE). The EVSE may only be installed in connection with an error protection switch of at least type A.

The EVSE provides a web server for operation. You can either dial into the WLAN hotspot of the EVSE, or you can connect the EVSE via WLAN to an existing network. Then you can operate it with a modern web browser.

Technical information

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