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Current feature list

  • 3-phase EVSE for charging electric cars, single-phase charging also possible
  • Charging current per phase
    cFos Power Brain Wallbox 11kW: 16 A
    cFos Power Brain Wallbox 22kW: 32 A (16 A with throttled variant for the first 15 months after purchase)
  • Cable (black) with type 2 plug (IEC 62196)
    cFos Power Brain Wallbox 11kW: 5m or 7m cable length
    cFos Power Brain Wallbox 22kW: 7m cable length
  • Integrated DC residual current sensor
  • RFID reader for authorising charging processes
  • Integrated cFos Charging Manager for up to 3 charging points (more can be purchased, 20+ possible)
    Charging points with cFos Power Brain Controller as Modbus device are free.
    Test the integrated cFos Charging Manager free of charge now! - Version 0.0
  • Scheduled and rule-based loading
  • Extensive communication possibilities thanks to cFos Power Brain Controller controller:
    • OCPP 1.5 and 1.6 (SOAP and JSON) - TLS encryption, incl. security profiles 1-3
    • Modbus TCP and RTU
    • RS 485 / Modbus RTU interface
    • Parallelbetrieb vom OCPP (z.B. für Abrechnung) und Modbus (z.B. für Lastmanagement)
    • Connection of almost any Modbus and S0 intermediate counter
    • Web interface and HTTP API
  • Integration of solar system and EVSEs from other manufacturers, e.g. Tesla and others
  • WLAN Access Point / Hotspot / WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Standby power consumption: < 2W
  • Housing IP65 ('classic model')
  • Made in Germany
  • Free lifetime software updates (via WLAN)
    We are planning some interesting new features for the future (just like we regularly do for our network products from cFos Software GmbH).

Review of the cFos Power Brain Wallbox in heise+ (paywall)

Promotion by KfW and federal states

cFos Power Brain Wallboxs are eligible for funding under the KfW programmes
KfW Programme 440, Charging Stations for Electric Cars - Private Individuals / Residential Buildings,
KfW Programme 441, Charging stations for electric cars - Enterprises,
KfW Programme 439, Charging stations for electric cars - Municipalities.
Before ordering our EVSEs, you must register on the KfW funding portal and submit an application for a KfW grant. You can then order a cFos Power Brain Wallbox 11kW, 22kW or 22kw (throttled to 11kw).

After applying for funding from KfW, the EVSE must be installed within 9 months.

cFos Power Brain Wallbox 22kW is also eligible for private individuals if you order the version throttled to 11kW. The throttling can be cancelled by installing a licence key at the earliest 15 months after delivery. The cFos Power Brain Wallbox 22kW is fully eligible for subsidies for companies and municipalities.

If you would like to take advantage of a funding programme in your federal state, you may need an offer when you apply. You can request one from us here.


buy cFos Power Brain Wallbox 11kW

Universal Modbus meter included!

649,- € incl. VAT.

buy cFos Power Brain Wallbox 22kW

Universal Modbus meter included!

799,- € incl. VAT.

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The EVSE may only be permanently connected for stationary operation by a qualified specialist. It is not allowed to connect the EVSE without a low-resistance protective conductor connection (PE). The EVSE may only be installed in connection with an error protection switch of at least type A.

The EVSE provides a web server for operation. You can either dial into the WLAN hotspot of the EVSE, or you can connect the EVSE via WLAN to an existing network. Then you can operate it with a modern web browser.

Technical Datasheet

Download Technical Datasheet (PDF/German) for cFos Power Brain Wallbox

EU Declaration of Conformity

Download EU Declaration of Conformity for cFos Power Brain Wallbox as a PDF file
Download EU Declaration of Conformity (PDF) for cFos Power Brain Wallbox 22kW

Manufacturer declarations

Download manufacturer declaration regarding load management capable electric vehicle charging point for cFos Power Brain Wallbox as PDF

WEEE registration number according to the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (ElektroG): DE 30077948