Our full service partners

Planning, installation, system setup (sorted by postcode)

Freibergr Straße 67
01159 Dresden

energielenker projects GmbH
Hüttruper Heide 90
48268 Greven
Nationwide projects from 4 charging points
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Stadtwerke Troisdorf
Poststraße 105
53840 Troisdorf

Berger Stromversorgungen GmbH & Co. KG
Bannmatten 10
77855 Achern

Consultant / Planner

(Sorting by postcode)

Easy Energiedienste Sonnenkraft-Freising GmbH
Major-Braun-Weg 12
85354 Freising

Our installation partners

(Sorting by postcode)

M&R Technik J.Rehse
Buchenweg 7
25479 Ellerau
Tel. 01794237904

Frida-Schröer-Straße 39
49076 Osnabrück

MMS COMMUNICATION M.Schmittinger GmbH & Co. KG
Pelzstr. 26-28
53347 Alfter

Winkler Elektrotechnik GmbH
Haselweg 39
56479 Hellenhahn-Schellenberg
Tel. 02664-990114

SF Elektro GmbH
Augustastr. 8
76709 Kronau

Matthias Schnellenberger
Ganzheitliche Energiekonzepte
Hauptstraße 7
84332 Hebertsfelden

Elektro Klaußner
Eulenweg 5
82131 Gauting

Elektrotechnik Stahl
Staudenweg 10
86368 Gersthofen
Tel. 0821-497441
e-Mail: info@elektro-stahl.de

Anderl Elektrotechnik
Reifenberg 112
91365 Weilersbach


Stark Elektronik
Wide range of meters, expert advice on selection and sizing of instrument transformers for larger installations, e.g. for ABB B24 112-100.

Realised projects (some examples)

We are proud to have realised so many interesting projects with our partners in the past 2 years (as of 10/2022):

  • many projects for single-family homes with 1-2 wallboxes, integration of solar systems from various manufacturers, solar surplus charging, integration of battery storage, some complex charging systems to map different consumption situations
  • Private solar charging park with 5 wallboxes
  • various projects for charging infrastructure in apartment buildings (rental, residential property), car parks and underground garages (mostly without increasing the existing house connection power, various metering concepts, partly with integration of solar energy system, e.g. 55 parking spaces in underground garage, in existing or new buildings
  • Company car parks with an average of approx. 20 wallboxes, mixed equipment with different makes, mixed networking LAN / WLAN / Modbus
  • Charging infrastructure industry, 150 parking spaces with 3 charging groups each, goal: reduction of peak load
  • Fast chargers (Berger, Hypercharger) in combination with AC wallboxes, e.g. on fleet for electric delivery vehicles, e.g. 2 fast chargers and 48 AC charging points
  • Active power limitation and unbalanced load control according to specific specifications of the local grid operator for grid-serving charging