Reference systems

cFos Charging Manager as a white-label product

The cFos Charging Manager is marketed by 2 industrial companies under their own name as a white-label product and is in use in various projects with approx. 4500 charging points (as of May 2024).


                        Illustration of car park with wallboxes and connected electric cars

We supply technology for XADER EPLEX. EPLEX is an impressive optimised charging solution for underground car parks and multi-storey car parks.

Self-built solar system with 2 cFos Power Brain wallboxes and PV surplus charging (solar surplus charging)

                              Picture Block diagram of the plant
Block diagram of the plant

Miha Sokolov installed the solar system on the garage roof of his old building. There are two residential units in the house (ground floor and first floor), each with an electricity meter for the consumption of the flat and an associated cFos PowerBrain wallbox. The individual components are connected to each other via LAN, WLAN and Modbus (see wiring diagram on the right).

Description of the system in c't (paywall)

PV surplus charging (solar surplus charging) with PV system and cFos Power Brain Wallbox

cFos Power Brain Wallbox with three meters:

  • Consumption meter for car charging current
  • House consumption meter
  • PV production is read out from Huawei's Sun2000 WR
The wallbox is configured for surplus charging. In picture 2, bottom right, you can see how the car (red line) is charged only with PV power (green line).

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Projects realised by Berger Power Supplies

Project 1

Electrification of 11 parking spaces of a company car park for employees and visitors

Initial situation: No charging stations available. Electrification of 11 parking spaces desired. Specification of charging hardware from various manufacturers. 9x 22 kW AC wall boxes and 1x 90 kW DC charging station (with 2 charging points).

Challenge: Combination of AC and DC charging stations as well as combination of different manufacturers. Limited power at the house connection as well as at the supply line for the charging infrastructure.

Solution: Dynamic load management at the house connection as well as static load management for sub-distribution for charging infrastructure with cFos Charging Manager.

Project 2

Expansion of an existing charging infrastructure of a fleet car park for a bus tourism company

Initial situation: Car park consisting of 4x publicly operated 22 kW AC wall boxes, which are available to the company fleet and third parties, is to be extended by 1x 60 kW DC charging station, without enlarging the existing supply line of the charging infrastructure.

Challenge: Integration and networking of the existing charging infrastructure and the new one to be built into one system. Insufficient connection power for parallel operation of all charging stations after retrofitting the DC charging station. Integration of all charging stations into one billing backend, as the charging stations are additionally operated publicly.

Solution: Integration of all charging stations (4x AC and 1x DC) into static load management with cFos Charging Manager as well as integration of all charging stations into a higher-level billing backend for billing in compliance with calibration regulations.

Apartment building with 13 parties and underground car park

                        Figure Connection and charging infrastructure

Apartment building with 13 parties (living space) and 13 parking spaces in underground car park. Hot water preparation via central heating, therefore house connection capacity 55kW. 70kWp solar system (PV) with feed-in to busbar.

Detailed description of the plant

Your plant

What kind of system have you realised with cFos Charging Manager? We welcome feedback and would be happy to show more installations here. Contact us.

Other realised projects

We are proud to have realised so many interesting projects with our partners in the past 2 years (as of 10/2022):

  • Many projects for single-family homes with 1-2 wallboxes, integration of solar systems from various manufacturers, PV overcharging, integration of battery storage, some complex charging systems to map different consumption situations
  • Private solar charging park with 5 wallboxes
  • various projects for charging infrastructure in apartment buildings (rental, residential property), car parks and underground garages (mostly without increasing the existing house connection power, various metering concepts, partly with integration of solar energy system, e.g. 55 parking spaces in underground garage, in existing or new buildings
  • Company car parks with an average of approx. 20 wallboxes, mixed equipment with different makes, mixed networking LAN / WLAN / Modbus
  • Charging infrastructure industry, 150 parking spaces with 3 charging groups each, goal: reduction of peak load
  • Fast chargers (Berger, Hypercharger) in combination with AC wallboxes, e.g. on fleet for electric delivery vehicles, e.g. 2 fast chargers and 48 AC charging points
  • Active power limitation and unbalanced load control according to specific specifications of the local grid operator for grid-serving charging