Dynamic load management

Our dynamic load management is used when the house connection cannot provide sufficient power for the existing wallboxes.

Thanks to the cFos Charging Manager, several wallboxes can be operated simultaneously without overloading the house connection. Thanks to the unique dynamic load management, the cFos Charging Manager is able to distribute the maximum available connected load in the building to the electric cars to be charged. In addition, the existing wallboxes can be prioritised differently so that the available charging power is initially distributed to higher-priority wallboxes. In addition to our own wallboxes, wallboxes from other manufacturers can also be integrated into the load management system.

The house connection is normally designed for the use of the building (e.g. residential, offices, etc.). In many cases, however, the available power is not fully utilised so that it can be used to charge electric cars. The cFos Charging Manager can measure the building's current power requirements by querying meters and dynamically adjust the available charging power.

It is also possible to take into account the consumption of heat pumps and ventilation systems as well as the generation capacity of solar systems in load management. The cFos Charging Manager can even provide only the unused surplus of your PV system as charging power.