Start page

Screenshot cFos Charging Manager Documentation - Start page

The start page gives you an overview of the devices set up and a few important details. The status of the cFos Power Brain Wallbox can also be seen here.

The first block contains the mode of the Charging Manager:
Balancing, i.e. it actively regulates the charging power of the individual EVSEs.
Monitoring: It only reads the status of all devices without intervening. In addition, the currently installed house connection power is displayed, the number of devices and the "Cycle time". This indicates (in milliseconds) how long the Charging Manager needs to read out and control all devices. This time should be about 3 seconds and better not exceed 10 seconds.

Here you can see the current status of the cFos Power Brain Wallbox, e.g. whether a vehicle is plugged in, the current charging current and whether the vehicle is charging. If you have set up multiple users and therefore need to authenticate charging, you can also enter a PIN here to start the charging process.

All tiles contain number, name, description, address, slave ID and a type designation / serial number of the device. For charging stations, it contains the current status, whether charging is activated, the maximum charging power, the currently drawn charging power, the currently set charging power, the use of the individual phases and the total kWh consumed.

For meters, you can see here the kWh drawn or fed in, the current power and the current on the phases.

If a meter is "attached" to a EVSE, it is not displayed as a separate tile. Instead, the tile for the EVSE shows some of these values. If you activate the checkbox "Show attached meters", such a meter is displayed as a separate tile despite being attached.

When a car is plugged into a EVSE, a symbol appears:

Image button "Overwrite"

You can overwrite the following for the current transaction, i.e. as long as the car is plugged in (checkbox checked):

  • Deactivate loading (admin password or user PIN/RFID required)
  • Deactivate charging rules of the EVSE (admin password required)
  • Deactivate user charging rules (user RFID/PIN required)