Additional parameters


If the cFos Charging Manager cannot find the SunSpec registers because the start address for your unit is not 40000, 40001 or 50000, you can specify them in the 'SunSpec Start Register' input field.

If your unit supports multiple SunSpec models, you can skip the first n models by entering n (e.g. 1,2,3,... etc.) in the 'SunSpec Model Index' entry field. This is useful if, for example, the inverter and other meters are housed in one unit.

Under 'SunSpec Model' you can select whether inverters, meters or battery storage units are to be searched for. Some battery storages are shown by the manufacturer under "MPPT Module". If you select this, the model index indicates which MPPT module you want to read out. Note: The DC values of the MPPT modules may be slightly higher than the actual usable AC power, as losses occur during conversion. This can slightly distort the calculation of the solar surplus.

E3/DC SunSpec models

If necessary, add a SunSpec model index:

1 (Standardwert)M103 Solar inverter
2M203, root meter
3M203, additional solar power

E3/DC simple mode

If you want to use E3/DC Simple Mode instead of SunSpec, you can enter a register number as an additional parameter. If you have installed additional power meters, you can also select these from 0-7. The power meters are freely configurable and differ depending on the system. You must try out which value (grid consumption, PV generation, battery) is recorded by the power meter. The advantage of the power meters is that the cFos Charging Manager receives values from these per phase and not just a single total power value.

40068Inverter power
40070Battery power
40072Home power consumption
40074Total power consumption
40076Additional solar power
40078Consumed additional EVSE power
40105Powermeter 0
40109Powermeter 1
40113Powermeter 2
40117Powermeter 3
40121Powermeter 4
40125Powermeter 5
40129Powermeter 6
67Inverter power / PV production (internal)
69Battery power
71Own power consumption / Home consumption
73Total electricity consumption / Grid power (purchase/feed-in)
75Additional solar power / PV production (external)

Thanks to Manuel G. for all the help!