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  + Improvement
  ! Software change requires modification of your configuration
  x Bugfix
  - Information only

Revision history: ---------------------------------------------------------

=== cFos Power Brain 1.12.3 -- 27-Jun-2022

+ Power Brain now switches the relay faster if the EV stops charging

- Power Brain no longer fades between charging currents, it might confuse
  some EVs

=== cFos Power Brain 1.12.2 -- 21-May-2022

+ User-defined meters: Try to retrieve the currents from per-phase power
  values. Thanks to Joachim S.  

x Easee: fixed possible freeze when request fails

=== cFos Power Brain 1.12.1 -- 15-May-2022

+ several improvements for Easee EVSE

x Fixed encoding of OCPP connection URL

=== cFos Power Brain 1.12.0 -- 09-May-2022

* New feature! Added eco-friendly charging. For those who don't charge
  with their own rooftop solar power, you can now delay the start of
  charging your car so it uses as much renewable energy as possible.
  This is done by a new charging rule in combination with forecast
  data provided by the European Network of Transmission System Operators.
  To give you the opportunity to experiment with the new charging rule,
  we have prepared a web page which illustrates the effect. See

  Let's make a difference and help with the transition to renewable

* New feature! Added Smart Meter Gateway support. The German
  Smart Meter Gateways support a transparent encrypted channel from
  the grid operator and/or energy provider to devices in the users
  home network. We now support 2 functions:
  1. Connect your OCPP devices to the OCPP backend of your
     energy provider via the Smart Meter Gateway.
  2. Use the Smart Meter Gateway to allow the grid operator
     to control the power usage ("netzdienliche Steuerung").
  In Addition we implemented an easy-to-use API for grid
  operators. See www.cfos-emobility.de/de/cfos-charging-manager/
  documentation/smart-meter-gateway.htm for more information.

* Added support for Easee EVSEs (Home, One, Charger). Thanks to Manuel G.

* Added support for BERGER BEVSE-AX32.

* Added support for Wallbox Copper SB.

* Added support for EasyMeter Q3A.

* Added support for Hager EHZ363WA.

* Added support for EasyMeter Q3C.

* Added support for generic SML meters (unidirectional and bidirectional
  push and poll).

* Added support for BERGER DM30 DC fast charger - our first DC charger! :-)

* Added support for the Compleo solo advanced EVSEs with Modbus.

* Added support for Gautzsch Netz Do EVSE.

* Added support for TQ EM210 meter. Thanks to Alex B.

* Added support for Siemens PAC2200 CLP and Socomec COUNTIS E28,
  thanks to energielenker.

+ Added experimental support for SunSpec battery storage (Model 802).
  You can use the SunSpec model 802 to select Battery Storage devices,
  if your device support it. It will provide a simple meter with
  power value for all phases (positive for charging, negative for
  discharging). Set the "Phases parameter" if your storage device
  doesn't use all 3 phases. In formulas for meters and charging
  rules, you can now access the variable "soc" in percent to determine
  the state of charge (SOC) of the battery. For example you could create
  a charging rule, which only charges if a certain SOC is reached.
  This is a new experimental feature. If you have a SunSpec battery
  storage device, please contact us.

+ Users of the Charging Manager can now opt out of display of "their"
  EVSE. In this case a login on the index page is required to see
  the respective EVSE. The admin can always see all EVSEs.

+ New charging rule type "Condition": You can now use expressions
  (formulas) as a condition for the rule to become active. If the
  expression evaluates to a non-zero value it becomes active.

+ Charging rules can now specify lower than minimum charging currents. If
  non-zero, they result in the minimum charging current. This allows surplus
  charging with partial grid demand. Thanks to Alexander B. for the

+ User defined meters can now query a json stream by indexing an array
  element with a filtering object, e.g.
  "query":"registers[{\"register\", \"1.2.3\"}].value"

+ Expressions can now reference "global" Charging Manager variables.
  These can be set in the "Charging Manager variables" section in
  the config UI. This allows you to parametrize the Charging Manager
  with variables of your choice. There is also an API by which you
  can get/set these variables. Usage examples: Adjust global
  maximum installed power with a variable. You can also use these
  variables in the charging rules.

+ COM port meters now supply CTS, DSR and RI as inputs.

+ If an EVSE current is reduced due to phase balance, a scales symbol is

+ RFIDs can now also be used to (de-)activate user charging rules and to
  override the charging current.

+ Under Windows and Raspberry you can now issue shell commands from the
  "Configuration" UI.

+ Added UI to help enter different address types.

+ Added a ton of workarounds for the Elgris Smartmeters LAN and WiFi.
  Thanks to Matthias S.

+ If no meter of role "production" is found, the solar power is set
  to surplus power, to still allow the use of 'solar' charging rules.
  Thanks to Stephan B.

+ Added "delay_after_connect" parameter in msec for user defined
  meters. Thanks to Rainer Z. for debugging the Huawei Sun2000 meter.

+ Ongoing transactions are now included in the transaction log with
  an empty end-time value.

+ Windows / Raspi: You can now allow HTTP access with admin rights
  from localhost. Use -local_admin command line switch or set the
  checkbox in "configuration" near "Admin password".

+ You can now sort EVSEs by state. Charging EVSEs are displaye
  first, then EVSEs with car plugged in.

x Increase delay for Huawei Sun2000 to reduce errors. Thanks to
  Rainer Z.

x Fixed Huawei Sun2000 Inverter definition. Thanks to Rainer Z.

x Fixed a bug in SunSpec meters which could cause to confuse grid supply
  with demand. Thanks to Adrian A.

x Storage meters are now better synchronized with other meters. Thanks
  to Sascha M.

x Sometimes the cFos Charging Manager could crash when devices were not
  reachable for a long time. Fixed.

x Uploading new meter definitions could lead to memory corruption. Fixed.

x Removed duplicate DTS353 meter

x Fixed spurious crash when explicitly rebooting

x Tesla EVSE: Fixed crash if only a single value is specified as address.

x Fixed setting Power Brain time from UI

x Fixed making car fall asleep if changes to the charging schedule were made
  by the charging manager

- Improved distribution of power with different priorities. Thanks to
  Kevin D.

- changed version scheme major.minor.patch: development and beta builds
  now use odd minor versions, releases even minor versions. Patch index
  restarts from 0 with every minor version.

=== cFos Power Brain 1.9.1104 -- 16-Mar-2022

- a crash will now show a log message in the next boot

=== cFos Power Brain 1.9.1103 -- 10-Mar-2022

+ If beeper installed, the Power Brain greets the user with a friendly
  short beep after normal reset, but with a long beep followed by a
  couple of short beeps to report an error.

+ Added support for an internal modbus meter.

x Fix a bug where the meter simulation did not regard the used phases
  setting. Thanks to Gerhard S.

=== cFos Power Brain 1.9.1102 -- 07-Mar-2022

+ Captive Portal now supports Ubuntu and Firefox

x Saving a charging rule sometimes resulted in garbled data. Fixed.
  Thanks to N.B.

=== cFos Power Brain 1.9.1101 -- 01-Mar-2022

* Added support for Webasto Live / TQ-DM100 Modbus.

* Added support for Huawei Sun2000 Inverters and Huawei Sun2000 meters.
  Thanks to Markus K for testing.

* Remote maintenance of slave devices. You can now open the Web UI
  of slave devices and use it from the master. Open the setup
  UI of the slave device and click the button "Remote Maintenance".
* Connecting to the Power Brain WLAN access point while not being connected
  to a WLAN now opens a "Captive Portal" window to setup the WLAN.
+ Add undercut support for charging rules with input. Previously undercut
  was only supported with solar surplus.

+ If there is only one active EVSE the Simple UI is now activated
  automatically. When you manually switch between Simple UI and tiles view
  the setting is stored.

+ OCPP Gateway: map connector id 0 status notifications of OCPP clients to
  client's connector id. Forward all status notifications of a client for
  the current state to the backend.

+ OCPP server and clients can now use external certificates.

+ App: The cFos Charging Manager now sends a notification when it adds
  a new push notification token.

+ Improved caching of UI pages and resources.

+ Power Brain WLAN access point now simulates internet access to avoid connected
  devices to switch to other access points.

+ overriding charging current now disables "Preserve Battery"

- Breaking: Closed S0 inputs are now "high", open inputs "low. This makes writing
  charging rules with inputs more intuitive. You might need to adapt your rules.

- Diagnostic logging now logs the current configuration, improved logging.

- App: Push Notification priority is now high for plug-in/out and
  charging started/stopped notification.

- App: Currently selected site and stored push notifications are now stored
  in app settings, not secure storage. Site info remains in secure storage
  because it may contain passwords.

- ESP-IDF framework version 4.4 now used.

- Improved WLAN connection retry handling.

x App: improved detection of own netmask for "Connect devices to WLAN".

x HTTP input meter would not be updated properly if no address given. Fixed.
  Thanks to Michael O.

x The software meter (in case the EVSE has no meter) is now saved when the
  transaction ended. Also improved initialization.

x Fixed handling of negative energy values for SunSpec devices. Thanks to
  Frederik P.

x App: Fixed a bug where it tried to display push notifications for unknown

x App: In some cases the notification settings would not be updated when
  a site was edited or a new site added. Fixed.

x "Keep charging enabled" was not stored in all cases. Fixed. Thanks to
  Manuel G.

x Default cable limit now set to 32 A for 22 kW models. Thanks to Stefan B.

x Additional config parameter were ignored for meter test. Fixed.

=== cFos Power Brain 1.8.1096-beta -- 08-Jan-2022

x Fixed reading of import Wh for Eastron SDM 630. Thanks to M.K.

=== cFos Power Brain 1.8.1095 -- 12-Jan-2022

+ Added an HTTP API call to get/set the simulated meter (you can only set it
  if in use). Activate simulated energy meter for Innogy eBox. 

+ OCPP: server time can now be used instead of an SNTP time server

+ OCPP gateway: added support for remote start and stop transaction

+ OCPP gateway: now forwards diagnostics and reset requests to an OCPP device

+ OCPP gateway: status error information is now forwarded from an OCPP device
  to the backend

+ EVSEs can now be configured to always disable charging while no car present

+ Improved support for Charging Manager App

+ The charging current can now be limited in the override dialog.

+ Simple UI: A single device tile can now be maximized showing all information.

+ Improved phase imbalance check. Instead of pausing EVSEs in case of
  imbalance the cFos Charging Manager now first tries to reduce the current
  of 1- or 2-phase charging EVSEs. You can also specify the max. allowed
  phase imbalance in the global Charging Manager parameters or 0 to
  disable the check (not recommended, because of VDE rules).

+ You can now assign EVSEs to users in the users UI.

+ A reason is now displayed if charging is paused.

+ Override settings and RFID are now restored after a device is reset

+ If the EVSE has no own meter and there is no meter attached, the
  cFos Charging Manager simulates one: For the charging current it is
  assumed the car always uses the offered charging current. The used
  energy in kWh is calculated using the charging current. So in
  principle you can use the EVSE without a meter but still take
  advantage of most Charging Manager features, if you accept certain

x Fixed a bug for SunSpec where signed values were interpreted as unsigned.
  Thanks to Frederik P.

x Fixed a bug where current values would be mistakenly inverted and
  there by solar surplus charging disturbed. Thank for Klaus H. for his
  patience and for always sending log files.

x Fixed ABL eMH1 support.

x Power Brain controller: fixed spurious range error when charging is
  disabled very shortly after changing the charging current.

x Consumed EVSE power virtual meter and load balancing used the wrong
  phase rotation. Fixed.

x Fix bugs in the override UI: Not always using override current,
  ignoring PIN.

=== cFos Power Brain 1.7.1089 -- 21-Dec-2021

+ improved support for master RFID

=== cFos Power Brain 1.7.1084 -- 10-Dec-2021

x Fixed spurious crash when resetting some devices

=== cFos Power Brain 1.7.1083 -- 08-Dec-2021

+ Add definition for DTSU666-H meter. Thanks to Markus K.

+ improved S0 meter input filter to ignore pulses that my be caused by
  poor signal quality

=== cFos Power Brain 1.7.1082 -- 07-Dec-2021

+ added logging for modbus communication

x Current used by EVSE was added up to incorrect main phases. Fixed,
  thanks to Klaus H.

=== cFos Power Brain 1.7.1081 -- 02-Dec-2021

x Fixed handling of combinations of surplus and normal charging
  rules. Thanks to Matthias S.

=== cFos Power Brain 1.7.1080 -- 22-Nov-2021

x Fixed handling multiple connectors of OCPP clients

=== cFos Power Brain 1.7.1079 -- 19-Nov-2021

x Fix a bug which could cause (non surplus) charging rules to use only
  minimum current.

x transaction log entries are now only added if a transaction was started

x Fixed a bug where rotated phase current were not added to the correct
  main phases. Thanks to Klaus H.

=== cFos Power Brain 1.7.1078 -- 14-Nov-2021

+ You can now use several meters with role 'Grid Demand'. This is (only)
  useful if your installation is powered from several connections to the
  grid and you have meters installed at all these connections.

x Fixed Power Brain not reporting attached meter correctly

x Loading a configuration from a Power Brain into the load manager
  on other platfroms caused error

x removed disabled second meter from default configuration for load
  manager on Windows/Raspberry

x Fixed a problem where the used energy of transaction would not be handled
  in case of error. Thanks again to Christian H.

=== cFos Power Brain 1.7.1076 -- 5-Nov-2021

* Added support for Elgris Smartmeter. Thanks to Christian H.

x Fixed a bug where user-defined meters with a fixed model string would
  not be read.

=== cFos Power Brain 1.7.1075 -- 3-Nov-2021

* Rework and clean UI. Merge "cFos Power Brain Configuration" into the
  other UIs.

* Added EVSE groups. You can now add a virtual group EVSE and add further
  EVSEs belonging to this group. See 'group' parameter in EVSE setup.
  The group EVSE can get a limit for the total EVSE power, all EVSEs in
  this group may not exceed. This allows you to have a global power limit
  imposed by the buildings main installation and local limits, for example
  for individual flats or sections within the building.
  You can also add meters to the group, e.g. with role 'consumption' or
  'production', to adjust the available current for the groups EVSEs.  

* Added support for ABB Terra AC 22.

* Added OCPP support for KEBA x-series.

* Added Janitza UMG 96RM analyzer / meter.

* Added "Expression Meter" that can be used to combine values from other
  meters and EVSEs

* Added support for ABL eMH1, newer EVCC2 version. Thanks to Stephan B. for
  the inspiration. This is still in an experimental stage. If you have an
  eMH1 and want to help, please contact us :-)

* New charging rule: Price. In the Charging Manager you can now select an
  energy provider and then create a rule to charge if the electricity price
  is below a certain limit or level. Currently supported energy providers
  are Awattar and Tibber. For Tibber you need to acquire an OAuth2 token
  with your account. This can be retrieved in the "Configuration" UI.

* New charging rule type: Formula. As with the expression meter you can
  now use an expression to calculate charging current. This allows you
  to create a great variety of charging rules to take your specific
  equipment and preferences into account. Removed the 'meter' charging
  rule. This functionality can easily be accomplished with the new 'formula'
  rule type.

* Added option that specifies a current threshold to stop charging before
  the battery is at 100%: most cars reduce the charging current at some
  point before the battery is full. The charging manager can now detect
  this: After at least a minute of charging and the measured current
  dropping below the given threshold charging is disabled.

+ Transaction log now displays the user ID (not only the RFID/PIN).

+ In the user UI you can now download a transaction log per user. The
  transaction log is now stored at least one year. The format is now
  changed to include the user ID and RFID/PIN.

+ The "Label" field can now contain "${USER}" to show the name of the user
  associated with an RFID when EV present

+ Charging rules for time and input can now also use solar surplus.
  In this case the minimum charging current for the EVSE is used as the
  starting limit.

+ All charging rules, except time based without surplus, now support
  undercutting time.
+ Added Diagnostic Logging to System Configuration. This will set many
  logging levels to "Information" for 5mins and download the log file after
  the logging period. This can help find problems without accidentally
  leaving the system with high logging levels.

+ Log entries can now be sent via the Syslog protocol to a Syslog server.
  Communication with the server using UDP, TCP and TLS is possible.

! Breaking: Additional config params for SunSpec are now specified by
  their own config items. If you have specified an alternative register
  start or model skip count, please review your configuration.

+ Switched from import apparent power to import active power. Also
  meters with role 'Production' use active power instead of apparent
  power. Meters use active or apparent power with respect to their
  metering capabilities. The result: The Charging Manager calculates
  with apparent power for grid demand and consumed power, to accommodate
  for the electrical installation. But produced power in calculated
  as active power to be in alignment with what the inverters and
  web portals display. Thanks to Roland R. for the advice.

+ Add COM meter to Raspberry / Windows version, so connect S0 meters
  to COM ports. Connect them via RxD and GND on an RS232 interface.

+ You can now use an arbitrary priority for your EVSEs. The higher
  the number, the higher the priority.

+ Add support for Modbus float values with little-endian order. Thanks to
  Klaus H.

+ added check if a car should sleep to protect the 12V battery from discharging

+ added check if car needs to be woken up

+ attached meter configuration can now be opened from the associated EVSE tile

+ cFos Power Brain: the main page now displays CPU and memory usage

x Fixed a bug where phase rotation would be ignored when adding up EVSE
  currents. Thanks to Marco L. for the help.

x Fixed a bug where grid demand and EVSE power would not be updated
  synchronously. Thanks again Marco L.

x fixed passing "&" inside password or other parameters through the web interface.

x Fix possible problem with power vs current calculation.

x Fixed Charging Manager App only showing white screen after a recent
  Windows Update

x Fixed sending RFIDs via "charging_manager rfid "

x Fix a bug where the Charging Manager switched from pause to charging
  even if the pause condition persisted. Thanks to Manuel G.

x Fixed several bugs in the load balancing calculations and the
  handling of "Storage Home" devices.

x Reworked meter evaluation to compensate for sign mismatches between
  power and currents.

x Fixed a bug with incorrect sign of SMA Homemanager currents.

x Fixed a bug where the state transition was not correct, if the EVSE
  switched to "Error". Thanks, again, to Manuel G.

x Fix dead SMA Homemanager. Thanks to Marco L.

=== cFos Power Brain 1.6.1066 -- 11-Sep-2021

x Fixed a bug where delayed meter updates could cause feedback loops when
  using a meter with role grid demand. Thanks to Horst A. for the help!

=== cFos Power Brain 1.6.1065 -- 09-Sep-2021

x Fix a bug where the Charging Manager switched from pause to charging
  even if the pause condition persisted. Thanks, again, to Manuel G.

=== cFos Power Brain 1.6.1064 -- 30-Aug-2021

+ Add support for Modbus float little-endian.

+ Add meter definition for Kostal Powermeter.

=== cFos Power Brain 1.6.1060 -- 25-Aug-2021

+ Add new charging rule type: Meter. You can now add a meter with role
  "Display" and create a charging rule with it. You need to specify a
  current limit. Then the EVSE charging current is calculated by
  current limit minus the current meter value. This allows you to limit
  an individual EVSE to a maximum current limit with respect to a

+ Added new type of meter role: "Storage All". The existing role is now
  "Storage Home". In contrast to Store Home, Storage All can be used as for
  EV surplus charging. "Storage Home" & "Storage All" are ignored as
  power consumers. In normal charging both are used as produced power
  if they discharge. Only "Storage All" is counted as surplus power,
  if it discharges.

+ Solar and Surplus Charging are now based on actual solar power / grid
  supply, not the average values anymore. The charging rules now have an
  additional "undercut" parameter, which determines how long charging
  continues even if the current is lower than the starting current. If
  after that time (in sec.) the current is still too low, the EVSE is set
  to pause for at least 300sec. You can specify a very long undercut time
  if you want to charge at minimum power when there is not enough solar

+ Surplus charging now regards configured and actual phase use per
  transaction. If you set it to "determine" the EV might be paused (only)
  once or twice before the actual phase use is established.

+ Added virtual meter to display solar surplus, used by the solar surplus
  charging rules. The virtual grid demand meter now displays the actual grid
  demand / supply.

+ In the System Config -> COM Port Mapping you can now also specify
  device names, not only "Com Port numbers". Thanks to Marius L.

- Breaking: Renamed Grid Demand / Grid Demand AVG meter to Surplus /
  Surplus AVG. Since we also renamed the device type, you need to restore
  the meter after update to this version.

- workaround for Fronius wrong sign for power value.

x Fixed a bug where charging rules prevented the use of available
  power. Thanks to Benedikt S.

x An empty address for the SMA Home Manager prevented reading from it.
  Fixed. Thanks to Sascha M.

x Fixed several bugs regarding surplus charging.

x Add more logging for the power calculations.

x Changed byte order of 32bit Modbus registers for Solar Log devices.

x Fixed a bug where in some phase rotation situations certain EVSEs would
  not be given enough power by the Charging Manager. Thanks again to
  Simon K.

x Fixed meter current adjustment for static phase use.

x Fixed Power Brain internal load management partially ignored if
  external Modbus disabled

x Fixed a crash when detecting Tesla Wall Connector. Thanks to
  Marcel K.

x Fixed current calculations for cases where some cars use surplus
  charging and others normal charging. 

x Fixed confusion with EVSE phase rotation. Calculations should now be

- Clarified charging and pause state in UI tile.

=== cFos Power Brain 1.6.1042 -- 28-Jun-2021

* Dramatically improved the OCPP gateway (additional license needed),
  including many configuration options. The gateway allows you to connect
  EVSEs controlled by the Charging Manager to an external OCPP backend.
  Thereby you can use this backend for billing and charging authorization. 

* Added support for Innogy eBox via Modbus. This allows you to connect it
  to an OCPP backend for billing purposes and simultaneously with the cFos
  Charging Manager for load balancing.

* Added support for Mennekes (e.g. Amtron) via Modbus. This allows you to
  connect it to an OCPP backend for billing purposes and simultaneously
  with the cFos Charging Manager for load balancing.

* Try to determine OCPP client capabilities. Use a basic charging profile
  for clients with limited capabilities.

* The Charging Manager now allows dynamic surplus charging. In order to
  satisfy the minimum charging current on one phase, other phases which
  provide grid supply are also taken into account. For situations where
  there is less power than 4200 W you now can turn off the circuit
  breakers of phases 2 and 3 and only charge on phase 1. You need to
  switch the parameter "used phases" to L1 in this case.

* The cFos Charging Manager now understands definitions for meters which are
  queried with HTTP and respond with JSON. This allows you to create your
  own meters if you have such an HTTP device. Please let us know if you
  created a meter definition. We may publish it on our website so others can

* App Preview: You can now download Charging-Manager-App for Windows.
  It allows you to manage different EVSEs or Charging Manager sites. In
  addition, you can now automatically connect cFos Power Brain devices to
  your WiFi, discover cFos devices and automatically configure master/slave
  relations for these devices. This should make it very easy to configure
  installations with many cFos Power Brain EVSEs.
  Coming soon: Same app for Android and iOS.

! Breaking: If at least one charging rule is present, charging is disabled
  if this rule is not matched. You don't have to specify a default charging
  rule anymore.

! Breaking: Used phases can now be set to "determine". In this case
  the Charging Manager tries to determine the actual used phases. Setting it
  to a fixed phase configuration can be used for surplus charging.

! Breaking: removed is_solar flag. You can now just add these meters
  with role "Production".

+ Power Brain: added fail-safe mode that switches to a predefined charging
  current after inactivity via modbus. The timeout and the current are configurable by
  modbus registers.

+ Added meter definitions for Kostal HTTP, Solar Log, Sonnenspeicher and
  Shelly 3EM. Thanks to Chris B., MaXx and Horst A.

+ Added support for the SMA Homemanager meter.

+ Add special "HTTP input" EVSE and meter. It's a virtual EVSE / meter
  thats current values can be set by third parties. See documentation
  for detailed information.

+ The Charging Manager now better supports bidirectional meters.

+ On device disable you can now select between 3 options: Disable charging,
  charging with minimum and maximum current.

+ OCPP server port is now configurable in the Charging Manager setup.

+ The system config dialog now has file management. You can list, download
  and delete files you uploaded, like own meter definitions.

+ Configuration settings can now be downloaded for backup and uploaded to
  restore them. Removed the internal backup feature.

+ Add override UI to EVSE tiles. It is activated when a car is plugged in.
  This lets you override charging permission and charging rules for the
  current transaction (until car is plugged out).

+ Add meter test to system configuration.

+ Moved RFID/PIN authentication to main page (automatically displayed
  when needed).

+ Reworked tiles for better readability.

+ Add button to restore factory default settings.

+ You can now disable DHCP and use a fixed IP address.

+ Updated OCPP communication for "innogy eBox professional S" with firmware 

+ The Charging Manager configuration is now available via "setup" buttons
  in the start page.

+ Added override button to EVSE tiles. This allows you to override certain
  settings until the current transaction ends, ie. the cable is plugged out.
  With this you can temporarily disable charging, disable rules for the EVSE
  and rules for the user. This allows you, for example, to temporarily
  disable surplus charging and charging with full power.

+ Meters can only be attached to EVSEs if their role is "Vehicle Consumption".

+ For EVSEs you can now also configure a minimum charging current.

+ Automatically switch to TLS on incoming HTTP connections.

+ You can now select users of EVSEs more easily

+ Start page now has the option to include disabled devices. Admin
  info is now hidden by default and can be shown when needed.

+ Moved charging authorization from PIN/RFID page to the home page.
  This should make authorization easier.

+ Added a meter test UI element to the system configuration page.

+ The UI now displays a warning if the Charging Manager is not active.

+ EVSE charging power and meters now display VA instead of W.

+ Made the difference between a user ID (PIN) and an RFID clearer in the
  user interface.

+ cFos Power Brain: added option to set a fixed RFID to always use as long as
  no other RFID is presented.

+ cFos Power Brain: improved using the EVSE as an OCPP client while managing
  load balancing by the Charging Manager.

+ Charging rules: Added an enable option. If not enabled, the rule is ignored.

+ Charging rules: Time rules can now begin before and end after midnight.

+ OCPP Client: status now shown on the overview page.

+ OCPP Client: now supports offline charging and sending transactions later.
+ OCPP Client: now supports starting and stopping transactions remotely.

+ OCPP Client: added meter simulation if no meter attached.

- Removed simulation UI.
x Fixed a bug in Modbus UI when using hex notation.

x Fixed time zone difference applied twice when setting power brain time from UI

x Fixed a bug where currents where not adjusted in inverted meters.

x Fixed issue that caused 22 kW models to only load with 16 A

=== cFos Power Brain 1.4.1036 -- 23-Apr-2021

x Do not use RTC RAM, it can cause trouble on some devices

=== cFos Power Brain 1.4.1034 -- 21-Apr-2021

x RFIDs/PINs could not be added. Fixed.

x When charging rule is applies, additional power could be added. Fixed.

x Fixed spurious stack corruption

=== cFos Power Brain 1.4.1032 -- 08-Apr-2021

x RS-485: disabled line end translations

=== cFos Power Brain 1.4.1031 -- 06-Apr-2021

* New Wallbox supported as OCPP client: "innogy eBox professional S".

* Added a Charging Manager simulation dialog. You can now "override" the
  actual state and values of EVSEs and meters with simulated states and
  values. This allows to test your desired device setup. Devices which are
  overridden display a "!" in the start screen.

* The Charging Manager now regards currents per phase. This allows
  improved allocation of available power to EVSEs & cars which only
  charge with 1-phase.

* For EVSEs and meters you can now configure which phases are used. This
  setting will (only) be used if the device has no individual phase current

* Add new meter type "Solar Storage". If a storage is charging, the power
  value is positive, if it is providing energy, it is negative.
  If all "Solar Storages" provide a positive value, is is ignored as
  energy consumption, because solar storages try to minimize grid demand
  and stop charging, when energy is drawn from the grid.
* The solar charging rule can now be set to "surplus charging". This
  means EVSEs / users with this mode will get the power otherwise supplied
  to the grid for charging vehicles.

* Add new EVSE: Wallbe Eco 2.0 and 2.0s via Modbus TCP. The Pro Versions
  might also work, be we need a final test. If you have a Pro with built-in
  meter, please contact us (via cfos-emobility.de). Probably you can also
  use it with certain Phoenix Contact controllers.

! breaking change: modbus meter definition files now need the values for
  current in mA instead of 1/10A. If you created you own meter definitions
  you may need to change them.

! breaking change: Charging rules now use currents instead of power. This
  allows to create more suitable rules for individual phases. Please
  review your charging rules!

+ For the licensed number of EVSEs, from now on cFos Power Brain
  Wallboxes (as Modbus devices) don't count as EVSEs.

+ Reworked distribution of extra energy to charging cars. The algorithm
  is now much simpler and doesn't need additional parameters. These are also
  removed from the UI.

+ Add new modbus meter: ZZ4 D513020 (can also be used as S0 meter).

+ Virtual meters can now display currents.

+ Solar- and surplus rules are now subject to an averaged solar power values.
  This prevents charging from being stopped during short power reductions.

+ Add new virtual meters: Grid demand (and supply), Average Grid demand and
  average solar power.

+ Reset device now also resets the charging power.

+ For meters with role energy production, power output 0 is assumed,
  if communication is lost for more than a couple of minutes.

+ Meter attached internally to EVSE: added options to configure
  inversion and phases.

+ Added COM Port logging

! Logging options simplified: "Errors" are now the default, "None" no
  longer supported. You have to enable custom options to use the previous
  separate options.

+ Reads and interprets ConnectorPhaseRotation configuration parameter
  from OCPP clients.

+ When changing the WLAN access point password the old password must
  be entered and the new password must be repeated (minimum 8 characters).

+ Connecting to a WLAN is now an explicit step using "Setup connection".

+ The strength of the visible WLAN access points is now displayed in the

+ If you have multiple WLAN access points with the same name, the BSSID can
  now be specified, too.

+ The UI can be configured so that HTTP and HTTPS requests will be
  handled on a single port.

+ Upgraded from Bootstrap 4.2 to 5, reducing the size of the dialogs.
  Bundled a lot of UI resources with dialog.css.

+ If web requests fail, you now get a warning in the UI. This helps
  if your device loses connection to the web interface.

+ cFos Power Brain as OCPP client: without a meter attached, power and
  current are now simulated from the charging current.

+ The RFID entered in the web interface is now also readable through
  Modbus and used for OCPP transactions

x Fixed a bug where EVSE state changes where overlooked. This may
  also have affected the transaction log.

x Corrected handling of phase rotation. Added the other 3 missing
  permutations in the configuration dialog.

x A COM port is now blocked if a device is listening on it. Thanks to
  Simon K.

x cFos Charging Manager could be started twice on Raspberry PI. Fixed.
  (You can still start it twice with different command line arguments).

x Some UTC / local time function bug fixes.

x After first Overdraft, this value would always increase. Fixed thanks
  to Andreas P.

x Fixed reboot after a failed firmware version check

x Modbus: Fixed the response being returned from write operations,
  thanks to Frank M.

x Meter attached internally to EVSE: Fixed values sometimes showing "0"

x cFos Power Brain as OCPP client: fixed scheduled charging current not
  forwarded to hardware.

x Fixed some browser caching issues after firmware update

- disabling the DC-sensor no longer supported

=== cFos Power Brain 1.2.1026 -- 12-Mar-2021

+ When updating the firmware via a local file server, allow validating image
  and restoring factory state

=== cFos Power Brain 1.2.1024 -- 04-Mar-2021

x When booting without a configuration file, charging was disabled by default,
  but the UI displayed otherwise

=== cFos Power Brain 1.2.1018 -- 13-Feb-2021

+ Added Support for Orno OR-WE-516/517 Modbus meters. Thanks to Simon K.
  and Klaus S.

+ Modbus TCP/RTU proxy now also available in the cFos Charging Manager,
  moved configuration from Power Brain page to System configuration

+ Added support for Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control. Thanks to
  MMS Communication.

+ Added Support for E3/DC inverters & meters. Thanks to Manuel G.

+ SunSpec meters can now skip supported SunSpec models. This is useful if
  one device supports several models, see for example our support for E3/DC
  devices at cfos-emobililty.de.

+ Improved web interface caching

+ Multiple Power Brain devices can now be configured to listen on the same
  TCP/COM port with different slave IDs.

+ An 11 kW limit now results in 16 A charging current, not 15.9 A

+ a meter can now be attached to the Power Brain EVSE, so that additional
  modbus registers for power, energy and current are available as part of
  the device

+ Eastron SDM72DM: now displays "total power" instead of "export power"

+ stability improvements

x Fixed bad serial number read from Power Brain Modbus devices

x Fixed dialog when moving devices up/down in Configuration Dialog.
  Move up/down are now also disabled during device edit. 

x Fixed a crash while trying to find the Tesla TWC ID.

x Fixed meter definition files being stored in the wrong location.

x Fixed UI refresh after switching language

x Fixed date display in transaction log

x fixed generating "invalid" crash dumps

x monitoring an EVSE could also enable charging

x ocpp: fixed freeze when server requested another boot notification

- updated to release/v4.2-28371f45 of esp-idf framework

=== cFos Power Brain 1.1.1013 -- 11-Jan-2021

+ reduced timeout for enabling WiFi access point if connection to WLAN fails
  (10 minutes now instead of 30 minutes)

+ added button to run DC sensor self test (clears DC fault if successful)

x DC-Sensor-Test could be disabled by short glitches on the DC-Fault line

=== cFos Power Brain 1.1.1012 -- 07-Jan-2021

* You can now upload and download cFos Charging Manager the configuration
  file (config.json). Thereby configuration files can now be shared with
+ modified EVSE default settings are now applied immediately, too

+ Power Brain EVSE/meters can now be selected directly in the device configuration, without
  having to specify them via "localhost" and having them enabled as modbus devices

+ the firmware status now restores the usual message one minute after checking for an update

+ changed the default for "Cable Override" to 16 A

+ Tesla TWC can report the VIN of a Tesla EV. cFos Charging Manager now tries
  to use it as RFID.

+ If the admin password is empty, you can also enter the password 1234abcd.
  This shouls help Firefox users when it doesn't allow an empty password.

+ When used as an OCPP client, the Power Brain now also reports power and current per
  phase of an attached meter to the OCPP server

+ some improvements to the translation to German

x fixed writing modbus registers via HTTP-API

x Fixed downloading firmware via https

x Fixed broken default config

=== cFos Power Brain 1.0.1003 -- 19-Dec-2020

+ Saving configuration no longer necessary before using "Check for update" or "Update now"

+ Added upload of crash reports

+ UI/Dialogs are now available in German and English

+ Improved log and transaction log dialog

+ Improved timing and error reporting for Tesla TWC

=== cFos Power Brain 1.0.1002 -- 09-Dec-2020

+ show CP error in UI

+ calibrate again until there are 10 successful calibrations

x avoid javascript error with bad date

=== cFos Power Brain 1.0.1000 -- 07-Dec-2020

* New Release! Enjoy!