When do you need licences for charging points?

For load management with the cFos Charging Manager (*), you need one licence per charging point. This does not include cFos Power Brain Wallboxs.

If you use a cFos Power Brain Wallbox as a master for your load management, three charging points are already included. All further charging points require an additional licence. Again, cFos Power Brain Wallboxs are not counted here.

So if you set up load management with cFos Power Brain Wallboxs only, there are no additional costs for load management!

When do you need licences for OCPP gateways?

With the EVSE gateway, you can connect third-party EVSE to an OCPP backend if these EVSE do not support OCPP or are incompatible with an existing OCPP backend. If you plan to use such EVSEs in a system with the cFos Charging Manager and want to connect them to an OCPP backend, you need one licence per third-party EVSE. You do not need an OCPP gateway licence for the cFos Power Brain Wallboxs. (**)

(*) Windows or Raspberry Pi version, as well as the Charging Manager integrated in the cFos Power Brain Wallbox.
(**) The cFos Power Brain Wallboxs even allow parallel operation with OCPP on a billing backend and simultaneously via Modbus in a load management system.