Supported EVSEs / Supported intermediate meters

Note: The EVSEs or meters have been tested with the software version of the respective manufacturer specified in the tables. We do not guarantee that the manufacturer will change the functionality through a software update or model update in such a way that the interoperability with the cFos Charging Manager or cFos Power Brain Wallbox is no longer given. You can ask the respective manufacturer whether the functionality still corresponds to the status indicated in our table.

Alternatively, you can download the free trial version of the cFos Charging Manager for Windows or Raspberry Pi and test for yourself whether the respective device is compatible.

Supported EVSEs

EVSESoftware status
cFos Power Brain Controller12/2021
All EVSEs with sufficiently supported OCPP 1.5 and OCPP 1.6 (SOAP and JSON)
We have tested the cFos Charging Manager for compatibility during the OCPP Plugfest and via various backends. If you want to make sure that your OCPP device works with the cFos Charging Manager, please contact us for a free remote test.
cFos Power Brain Wallbox (OCPP 1.6)12/2021
ABB Terra AC 22 (OCPP 1.6)12/2021
ABL eMH2 (OCPP 1.6)12/2021
ABL eMH3 (OCPP 1.6)07/2022
Autoaid Intelligent Wallbox (OCPP 1.6 JSON)
Test with Autoaid firmware 1.1.805.
BERGER DM30 (DC Schnellladegerät)02/2022
BERGER AX3204/2022
EVBox Elvi (OCPP 1.6)07/2022
Entratek Power Dot Pro (OCPP 1.6)12/2021
Innogy eBox professional S (OCPP 1.6)12/2021
Keba KeContact P30 x-series (OCPP 1.6)12/2021
Mennekes Amtron Professional+ 22kW (OCPP 1.6)12/2021
Schneider EVlink G4 Smart und Parkplatz 2 (OCPP 1.6)05/2022
Wallbox Copper SB (OCPP 1.6)04/2022
Webasto Live (OCPP 1.6)01/2022
Vestel EVC04 (OCPP 1.6)05/2022
Modbus, HTTP, etc.
ABL eMH1 (Modbus ASCII)12/2021
Alfen Eve Single/Double (Modbus)07/2022
Alphatec AW1eM (Modbus)08/2022
Compleo Solo advanced (Modbus)03/2022
easee Home / One / Charge (Cloud HTTP)04/2022
elexon A1 (Modus, AIX ACCT)07/2022
go-e HOME+ Mobile, go-eCharger HOMEfix and SMARTFOX Car Charger (HTTP)12/2021
Heidelberg EVSE Energy Control (Modbus)12/2021
Innogy eBox professional S (Modbus)12/2021
Juice Charger me (Modbus, wie Mennekes Amtron Professional) (Modbus)12/2021
Keba KeContact P30 c-series and x-series and the BMW EVSE Plus/Connect via Keba UDP (UDP)12/2021
Mennekes Amtron Professional+ 22kW (Modbus)12/2021
Gautzsch Netz Do (Modbus)03/2022
Schneider EVlink G4 Smart und Parkplatz 2 & 3 (Modbus)05/2022
Tesla Wall Connector Gen 2 (only max. 3 pieces exclusively on one RS485 connection), not Gen 312/2021
Vestel EVC04 (Modbus)05/2022

The choice of EVSE determines the networking. Mixed and retrofitted EVSEs from other manufacturers are also possible. So you are not dependent on a EVSE manufacturer!

With OCPP and Keba, networking typically consists of Ethernet cabling. go-e and SMARTFOX use WLAN. EVracing (Stark-in-Strom) and SmartEVSE require 2-wire Modbus RTU cabling. The cFos Charging Manager can communicate simultaneously with Ethernet, WLAN and via Modbus RTU

Supported inverters

InverterSoftware status
Huawei Sun2000 inverter (as generation meter)01/2022
SMA Sunny Boy (as generation meter)12/2021
Sunny Home Manager 2.012/2021
Sunny Island 4.412/2021
SMA STPxx000-tl Inverter (as generation meter)
SMA Sunny Tripower 4.012/2021
SMA Sunny Tripower 10.012/2021
SMA Sunny Tripower 9000tl-2012/2021
SMA Sunny Tripower 15000tl-3012/2021
SMA Sunny Tripower 20000tl-3012/2021
SMA Tripower 8.0 STP8-3AV-4012/2021
Solar inverters according to SUNSPEC, tested with
E3/DC GmbH, S10 E AIO Blackline (SunSpec Model 103)12/2021
Fronius, Smart Meter 63A, 2.9 (SunSpec Model 213)02/2022
Fronius, Smart Meter TS 63A (SunSpec Model 213)12/2021
Fronius, Smart Meter TS 65A-3, 1.3 (SunSpec Model 213)12/2021
Fronius, Symo 12.5-3-M, (SunSpec Model 113)12/2021
Fronius, Symo 8.2-3-M (SunSpec Model 113)12/2021
Fronius, Symo 15.0-3-M (Sunspec Model 113)12/2021
Fronius, Primo 5.0-1 (Sunspec Model 111)12/2021
KOSTAL, KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter, 1.1.2 (SunSpec Model 203)12/2021
KOSTAL, KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter, 1.3.0 (SunSpec Model 203)12/2021
KOSTAL, PLENTICORE plus4.2, 01.15.04581 (SunSpec Model 103)12/2021
KOSTAL, PLENTICORE plus7.0, 01.09.03412 (SunSpec Model 103)12/2021
KOSTAL, PLENTICORE plus8.5, 01.17.05075 (SunSpec Model 103)12/2021
KOSTAL, PLENTICORE plus10, 01.14.04213 (SunSpec Model 103)12/2021
KACO new energy, blueplanet 5.0 TL3, V5.53, 1.0 (SunSpec Model 103)12/2021
KACO new energy, blueplanet 10.0 TL3 INT, V5.53 (SunSpec Model 103)12/2021
SolarEdge SE5000, 0003.2468 (SunSpec Model 101)12/2021
SolarEdge SE7K, 0003.2251 (SunSpec Model 103)12/2021
SolarEdge SE9K-RW0TEBNN4, 0004.0011.0030 (SunSpec Model 103)12/2021
SolarEdge SE16K-RW000BNN4, 0004.0014.0107 (SunSpec Model 103)03/2022
Sonnen Zähler (Batteriespeicher, Erzeugung und Verbrauch)12/2021
Sungrow Hybrid Inverter ARM_SAPPHIRE-H_V (SunSpec Model 101)07/2022

Supported OCPP 1.6 backends

Spectra Moon08/2022

Which counter can do what?

CounterBidirectionalSingle phases
ABB B23 / B24
SDM630, SDM630 MCT, SDM72DM-V2
Shelly 3EM
cFos YTL DTS353 (ungeeicht)
cFos YTL DTS353F-2 (MID, geeicht)
ORNO WE 516/517
ZZ4 D513020

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