Multi-level load restriction/balancing questions

Multi-level load restriction/balancing questions



I realize that these are more sales questions, but as it is summer period and cfos is not responding to their emails (guess they are on holiday), hopefully some members of the community might be able to help us?


In short, we are looking for software/hardware that can help us manage our total power consumption for charging . We are a housing association with 40 homes, split across 4 buildings. Eventually, each house will have their own car charger. Each building has a 62amp 3phase circuit, and we have a 100amp circuit that collectively feeds these. We need software that can prevent the (via OCPP) the 20amp circuit to each building from becoming overloaded, and then can also tell the 60amp controllers to shed load if the 100amp circuit is becoming overloaded. Each house has its own electricity meter.


  • Is this something that the Charging Manager can handle (multi-level load monitoring)? What sort of hardware would we need to support the monitoring?


Our goal is to allow our residents to choose their own load boxes with the requirement that they support local OCPP. Specifically, we are trying to stay away from cloud based solutions.


  • Further, can the Power Brain wall box support local load balancing (so as to not overload the 25 amp circuit coming into the apartment – each apartment has a 25 amp connection hanging off of the 62 amp wire) simultaneously with upstream OCPP load balancing? Would a cFos wall box booster be needed for this? Is there any other hardware required?

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Maybe the software evcc is what you are looking for:

The CFos wallbox booster is ultimately nothing more than the charge controller installed in the Cfos wallboxes.

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