Initial startup

The cFos EVSE has a web interface with which you can make further settings. When it is switched on, the cFos Charging Controller starts a WiFi hotspot that you can connect to with a WiFi-enabled device. A WiFi password is required for this. The default password is 1234abcd.

Then open your web browser and enter as the address to call up the configuration dialogues. There, the browser first asks for username and password. Username is admin (all lower case) and the password is either 1234abcd or you may leave it blank.

You should apply a software update first.

To do this, click "cFos Charging Controller Config" at the top of the menu, scroll down to "WiFi Station" and activate the switch "enable" to enable logging into your WiFi. Then select the SSID, which is your network identifier, and enter your WiFi password.

When the cFos Charging Controller is connected to your WiFi, make sure to write down the assigned IP address so you can log in later. You can find it after the text "connected as" under "WiFi Station".

After that, scroll down further to "Firmware Update" and enter here:

Then scroll all the way to the top and click "Save" to save all this setting. 1-2 minutes later, the cFos EVSE should have connected to your WiFi.

If you now scroll down to "Firmware Update", you can click "Check for Update". The current version and the available version will be displayed. Then click "Update Now". This will install the new software version and restart the EVSE. "Rebooting..." appears. After a few seconds, you can reload the page in your browser using F5 and have the new software version. This offers, among other things, operation in German. The next software update will then also run much more easily

Download detailed illustrated instructions for commissioning (PDF/German)