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cFos Software and cFos eMobility are starting a joint summer sale!

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All licenses for the cFos Charging Manager 30% cheaper! (*)

Get it now if you are planning to build a system with load management. You can also buy the licenses in advance and import them later into an installed system.

(*) Cannot be combined with volume discounts. The lower price per charging point applies.

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Foto cFos Power Brain

cFos Charging Controller

  • 230V relay for switching a 3-phase contactor to release the charging current
  • optional connection of a DC residual current sensor from Western Automation
  • RS 485 interface
  • I2C interface for connection of displays and RFID readers
  • 2 S0 inputs, potential-free
  • GPIO Pinheader with numerous analog and digital inputs and outputs
  • 230V integrated power supply
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Foto cFos Power Brain 11kW


  • 3-phase EVSE for charging electric cars, single-phase charging also possible
  • Charging current per phase
  • Cable with type 2 plug
  • Integrated DC residual current sensor
  • Extensive communication possibilities thanks to cFos Charging Controller controller:
  • OCPP 1.5 and 1.6 (SOAP and JSON) - TLS encryption, incl. security profiles 1-3
  • Modbus TCP and RTU
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Shot cFos Charging Manager

cFos Charging Manager

Version 0.0
  • Maximum charging power without increasing the existing house connection power
  • Set up your charging infrastructure according to your requirements
  • Supports a range of EVSEs from different manufacturers
  • Supports a wide range of intermediate meters
  • Billing and Authentication
  • Control of charging power
  • Charging rules
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