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An internet connection is not absolutely necessary for the cFos Charging Manager. An internet connection is not required for any function. If there is an internet connection, the time can be set automatically, software updates can be imported and maintained remotely (e.g. with the VNC viewer).
If there is no landline connection, you can also use an LTE surf stick/LTE router with a SIM card. The following shows you how to set up an Internet connection with a Raspberry Pi 4 using the Huawei E3372 LTE surf stick. An exemplary setup:


Example setup with LTE stick:
Buildings with a wallbox location without internet connection, a basement or an outdoor parking space, for example. Raspberry Pi with cFos Charging Manager and cFos Power Brain wall boxes or third-party boxes. All wallboxes are connected via Modbus RTU cables.
Connecting wallboxes via WLAN (Modbus TCP/IP) require an access point. Either you buy an access point or set up a routing with the Raspberry Pi or use an LTE router (see below).
Example setup with LTE router:
As above, the advantage of an LTE router is that it can also serve as a WLAN access point. This means that you can also/IP) and use a Modbus proxy. All connected wall boxes also have access to the Internet and you can, for example, install software updates.

you need

  • Raspberry Pi 4, you do not necessarily need a monitor with mouse and keyboard to set it up. You can also set up a Raspberry Pi headless. See: Installation of the cFos Charging Manager on a Raspberry Pi
  • Huawei E3372 LTE surf stick
  • SIM card: a mini SIM fits into the Huawei E3372. With a little skill, you can also slide micro or nano SIM cards into the slot

In principle, the Huawei E3372 LTE Surfstick works with the latest version of Raspberry Pi OS via plug and play.

  1. If you are not sure whether the latest version of Raspberry Pi OS is installed, enter the following command in the command line:
    sudo apt-get update
  2. If there is a password on the SIM card, you need access to the graphical user interface. You have three options:
    • If there is a password/PIN on the SIM card, you need access to the graphical user interface of the Huawei E3372. Once the PIN has been entered, it is saved by the surf stick. You have four options for this:
    • Insert the surf stick with the SIM card into a PC/Mac (not tested) and enter the password.
    • Remove the PIN, you can easily do this with any smartphone.
    • Connect the Raspberry Pi to a monitor with a mouse and keyboard.
    • Control the Raspberry Pi via remote control software. e.g. VNC Viewer.
  3. Open a browser of your choice to get to the user interface of the Huawei E3372. Go to The following window should open:
    enter your PIN.
  4. The setup is complete, your Raspberry Pi now has an internet connection