cFos Charging Manager App

The cFos Charging Manager App is used for the simple management of Master/Slave EVSEs and Charging Manager systems on Windows PC or Raspberry Pi.

Download the cFos Charging Manager App

Log into the WLAN

Screenshot of the cFos Charging Manager App - logging into the WLAN

Open the menu and click on "Mit WLAN Verbinden". To do this, your PC must be connected to your router via WLAN. Enter the WiFi password in the "Passwort" field. The receiver device ID will be used at a later point in time. Switch on any cFos EVSE that you want to connect to the WLAN.
If you now click on "Sende SSID und Passwort", your WLAN password will be sent to all EVSEs, which then connect to the WLAN (unless they are already connected to a WLAN).

Note: The WLAN password is encrypted using a general key. Theoretically, it is conceivable that someone knows this general key and can eavesdrop on your WLAN and use it to determine the WLAN password. If you have security concerns here, you should rather configure the cFos Power Brain manually by logging into its access point. At a later point in time, you can optionally enter a "Empfänger-Geräte ID" so that the password is encrypted with it in a tap-proof manner. The disadvantage, however, is that you can then only book one cFos Charging Controller per cycle into your WLAN.

Find devices

If all devices are registered in your home network, you can find them automatically and configure them/

To do this, enter the admin password of the devices (the default on delivery is an empty password). Click on "Geräte finden". All devices registered in the home network appear. For each device you now choose whether this should be master, slave or ignored. For all EVSEs you can now tick whether the internal EVSE and S0 meters 1 and 2 should be used.

Then you should choose a new password for all devices. This can be used as an admin password and also as a password for the access points of each cFos EVSE.

If you select the "Zu Anlagen hinzufügen" option, the current master/slave system will be added as a system in the Charging Manager app and you can later easily select the user interface in the menu.

Manage plants

You can also manually add systems (i.e. either Charging Manager Master or individual EVSEs) in the app menu and simply select them later. The notification options are not yet active and will be supported at a later date.